Wireless Security Auditing

You may have deployed an internal wireless network for a variety of reasons, such as, mobility, ease-of- use, increased productivity and providing guests with quick Internet access. However, wireless technology, if not deployed securely, could pose a threat to your business. Therefore, it is important that your wireless technology is implemented based on effective security standard. The wireless security auditing provides you with detailed assessment of your wireless network security posture.

Wireless network differs from traditional wired network in so many aspects; for example, wireless network is not confined to a particular physical room/building, but can span an avenue with greater access ability. Because of that, authentication, encryption, placement of Access points, etc., are all important factors of your wireless network security posture. Our information security professionals can audit your wireless network and walk through in-depth analysis of its security posture. At the end, you will receive a full report showing the strong and weak points in your wireless network along with recommendations and advises on how to enhance and tighten the security of your wireless network.

A typical wireless security audit involves the following steps:

  • Reviewing the existing, or developing a new, wireless network policy
  • Identifying all Access Points (AP) along with their coverage
  • Assessing the physical security of the AP’s
  • Assessing the configuration settings of the AP’s, Wireless management systems, and wireless
  • Assessing the encryption scheme
  • Assessing the authentication method
  • Assessing the access from wireless network to the local LAN
  • Assessing the “guest” network
  • Reviewing the existing, or developing a new, BYOD policy

The final report is a detailed step-by-step descriptions of every weakness and strength. And for every point, there will be a recommendation for a certain action to enhance the overall wireless security. You, as a client, will get a face-to-face meeting with the security professional(s) to explain any necessary item.