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Remote monitoring of data centres, server rooms, comms rooms, wiring closets and other critical IT environments is a vital component for maximising network uptime, reducing running costs and enhancing IT performance. Jacarta has been providing the IT industry with high quality, reliable monitoring systems and sensors since 1997. Our solutions fall into three main categories:

Jacarta Monitoring Solutions

Environmental Monitoring

Server room and data centre environmental monitoring solutions can help you to remotely watch over your critical IT areas and receive alerts in the event of air-conditioning failure, water ingress, security breaches, high or low humidity levels, fire and a whole host of other potential threats to your hardware and data. Alerts can be provided via SNMP, SMS, telephone voice alerts and web alerts.

Jacarta Environmental Monitoring Solutions include:


interSeptor provides cost-effective temperature/humidity and alarm monitoring (smoke, water leak, security, airflow, etc.) for server rooms, wiring closets, remote sites and racks.

interSeptor Server Room Monitor

interSeptor Pro

The interSeptor Pro can monitor up 24 temperature/humidity sensors and 48 alarm sensors (fire, water leak, security, airflow, etc.) for data centres, server room and racks.

Data Centre Rack Temperature

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Power Monitoring

Power monitoring solutions enable you to track power usage costs in order to help minimise power consumption over time. By monitoring power down to rack level, IT and Facilities personnel can obtain a much clearer understanding of the power usage within their server rooms and data centres, ensuring that optimal use of power can be achieved and costs minimised. Power monitoring will also help to ensure that failure and overload conditions are identified at the earliest possible opportunity in order to avert catastrophe.

Jacarta Power Monitoring Solutions include:

interSeptor iMeter

interSeptor iMeter combines power and environmental monitoring to create a flexible and scalable solution for monitoring data centres and server rooms.

Server Power Monitoring iMeter


Single phase rack current monitoring up to 32A via web and SNMP (also Modbus option). Zero downtime for installation.

intelliAmp IT Power Sensor

IT Power Audit Kit

Perform spot check power audits to gain current usage and voltage measurements using our unique zero-downtime sensors and handheld calibration tool.

Server Room Power Audit Kit

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Software, Services & Sensors

Enhance the capabilities of your Jacarta monitoring solutions by utilising our management and alerting solutions and additional sensors. Monitor numerous devices from a single dashboard and receive alerts to potential problems via unique escalation procedures.

Jacarta Software, Services & Sensors include:


PYXIS is a powerful monitoring application that enables Data Centre Managers to collect, record, display and analyse critical performance data from IT infrastructure and facilities equipment.

Server Room Central Monitor Software

Go-Probe Sensors

Maximize your Jacarta solution by monitoring for potentially disastrous conditions such as water leaks, security breaches, power failure, fire and more…

Server Room SNMP Sensors

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Environmental Monitoring

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